The operating framework of the Computer Laboratory is being determined by the School of Mathematics, according to the general rules and framework applied by the University. More specifically, for the Computer Laboratory services the following rules apply:

Classrooms of the Computer Laboratory function as a limited shared space, where multiple individual users (mostly students) come to study, colaborate and take advantage of the University's electronic media and services in their studies. Life becomes easier for every user when everbody respects the other individuals by adopting good maners and applying the rules of Netiqutte. The fact that the Laboratory computers are shared equipment imposes on it’s users to be very careful when it comes to internet and personal data safety by applying good practices as proposed by the IT Center of AUTh.

The Computer Laboratory offers:

  • two (2) Computer Rooms as a venue of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and other lessons that require the student to use a computer during attending class,
  • shared use Computers where students are able to develop, run and test programs and exercises, write essays or search for bibliography on the internet through a modern and easy to use computing environment,
  • access to a quantum computing simulation server via workstations at the laboratory office room,
  • a website which acts as a central reference point for the services, the resources and the relevant documentation offered by the laboratory to the members of the School of Mathematics and the academic community in general,
  • access to the Internet and electronic services of the University. Access is granted using a) the Laboratory PCs, or b) users' laptops, tablets, smartphones, utilizing the AUTh ITC wifi service during working hours of the Laboratory to individual users.