The computer laboratory

The Computer Laboratory of the School of Mathematics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has been operating since 1995, supporting both the studies of the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate program with the necessary computing infrastructures and environment for electronic applications and services. The Laboratory is the center of the School’s activities regarding Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), continuing the long term tradition of the School of Mathematics, from the era of the first IBM and UNIVAC computers in our University.

Facilities of the Laboratory which include two classrooms equipped with personal computers and the offices of the administration team, are located at the 1st Floor of the Biology Building at the Faculty of Sciences. A modern computer network (gigabit ethernet), which exists as a part of the global AUThnet network of the University is operational inside the lab. Moreover, the laboratory offers to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of the University familiarity with modern computer systems and access to electronic services of the University (e-mail, e-university etc.) and the web. In addition, the lab supports all the computer science related courses of the School (Programming Languages, Databases, etc.) as well as other applications (Statistics Laboratory,  Mathematica©, Statistical Analysis, etc.).

Graduate students classroomUndergraduate students classroom

The undergraduate classroom of the laboratory features thirty seven (37) workplaces for the students and the instructor, equiped with an equal number of modern personal computers with powerful CPU (Intel i5 - i7), ample main memory (8 - 24 GB RAM) and fast local storage space (250 GB SATA3 SSD) running the MS Windows 10 Operating System. The postgraduate classroom features twenty nine (29) similar workplaces. Virtual Machines from the central datacenter of the Aristotle University are utilized as servers and as the World Wide Web server of the School of Mathematics.

The main objectives of the Laboratory include the comprehension of proper provision and use of computer software. Consequently, for the software used by the laboratory the following services are exploited:

  • The Software licensing and distribution provided by the IT Center of AUTh to all units of the University (Microsoft OVS-ES, SPSS Statistics etc),
  • The set of software packages purchased by the School of Mathematics,
  • All related software packages released bytheir creators as Open Source software.

The forementioned equipment and software are constantly maintained and upgraded, to meet the needs of the standard technological requirements of educational and other activities of the School of Mathematics at AUTh.

During the academic year, the Laboratory is open during working days from 09:00 to 17:00.  Professor Mr Nikolaos Karampetakis (Τ: +302310997975, Ε: karampet AT is Head of the Laboratory from 06-12-2017 till 31-08-2020.

Mr. Panagiotis Tzounakis (Τ: +302310998438, Ε: pj ΑΤ is the Administrator of the Laboratory since July 2014. He also supervises the team of trainee undergraduate Students.